It’s the day when we got the right to speak, right to live with respect. Today whatever we do, we are able to do it because of this special day. and because of those Heroes, who have taken the pain of bondage and in return given us the free India.
It’s not only the day we got freedom, but it’s the day for which we got the right to live with respect.
It is our Independence day 15th August, for which lakhs of people have given their life for 200 years to give the free India to the future generation. It’s their self-less gift to us.
Hope every Indian will value it, value the precious gift they got through a struggle of centuries, through the struggle of uncountable people’s blood.
Specially the modern Indian Media, the freedom which they are enjoying it’s because the country is giving it so it is better to value the freedom and the freedom comes with responsibility so everyone should know it and follow it.

It’s not the day to remember, but It is the day for which our every day is all about in the free India.
Happy Independence day

Originally Published in Facebook by me in 2012

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