How many Indian’s really know that what is the difference in between “TRIPURA” and “TIRUPUR”?

If we ask this question to anyone from South Indian then the expected answer will be “there is no difference” and “TRIPURA” must be located somewhere in TAMILNADU.

My question is whether these people are educated? Because, even the well educated people from South Indian unable to recognize one of the STATE of INDIA, and this is not the case of SOUTH INDIA it is same in NORTH INDIA as well.

Whether the education system is unable to give the knowledge about the geography of INDIA or people are not interested to know about the North Eastern Part of INDIA?

We the North Eastern people were taught the “JANA GANA” even before learning our own mother tongue when the other part of INDIA is still fighting whether they should say “VANDE MATARAM” or not. But we the people of the North Eastern India love the word and even feel proud to say loud “VANDE MATARAM” now, and even before as well when we were not aware of the meaning of those two words “VANDE MATARAM” “I bow to thee, Mother” or “Mother, I salute thee!”

Whether the other parts of the INDIAN really know that North EASTERN part of INDIA is suffering today due to the conspiracy theory of our neighboring country? I don’t think so, because they don’t share the International border with 5 different Nations. Because we the North East people know what illegal imagination in India is and we see it on a daily basis, whether other part of India really thinks of it? Whether the National media and the international media ever focused on it?

Arunachal Pradesh (2)

Assam (14)

Manipur (2)

Meghalaya (2)

Mizoram (1)

Nagaland (1)

Sikkim (1)

Tripura (2)

Total -25 Constituency seats in the Lok Sabha

So it is normal to understand that 25 seats do not carry any value in the Indian political system out of 543 Lok Sabha seats.

Normal Indian look at the North Eastern girls as easy going, open minded and more or less as a sex object, because the problem is rest part of Indian really don’t know the social structure of the North East people, In North East there are several communities where the people follow the Matriarchal theory where the family is headed by the mother. Most of the Indian may surprise if they visit Shillong and see that in the market 80% shopkeepers are women and even women are successfully running their shops in remote area till night 12 o-clocks which is not possible even the national capital of INDIA.

Rest of India may never know that the famous dance of all most all the Rabindranath Songs is adopted from the Bishnupriya Manipuri community from North East. The proud Indian may never know that The King of Tripura supported Visva-Bharati University with an annual grant of Rupees 1000.Although in dire financial condition on account of a devastating earthquake the king pledged his daughter in law’s jewelry to anonymously sponsor the scientific research of Jagadish Chandra Bose to invent “LIFE IN TREES”

NORTH EAST produces one of the best “Tea” in this world, produce GAS, Petroleum, Rubber, and the raw material of Incense stick all are dedicated to the mainland India.

North East produced SD Barman, RD Barman, Bhupen Hazarika, Guru Bhipin Singh, Mary Kom, Jubin Gard, for the Nation. Whether the rest of INDIAN unable to give the minimum respect which the North East people deserve? Whether the rest of Indian unable to tolerate the North Eastern people?

We love the country, but sometimes our own motherland behaves like unknown to us.

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