Once I was a fan of AK thinking an educated IITian might change the face of Indian politics, but the language he and his followers use for politics are not acceptable.
We need to rethink whether we are so dumb to put such people in power, who don’t even know how to talk and glorify their abusive language as their criticism and stand?
I was having a thought about Indian politics till today that if anyone talk good and smart, they could rule Indian politics with the strong grip and control over their language. But my thoughts are changing nowadays when I see that the popular politicians aged above 40 or 45(Above 40 at 45, we can’t even consider them as kids) use abusive language and people still put them in power. God knows what message they all are giving to the next generation and if our youngsters are blindly following such politicians than I am doubtful, where our society going and what changes such youngsters will bring in Indian politics, who don’t have their own thoughts and unable judge good and bad rather just implementing orders just like ROBOT and mortgage their brain to someone else totally.
I can empathize the pain and sufferings of those parents who all are might be suffering most when they see their beloved child act just like a brainwashed follower of their ideological leader and masters, who all used them for their one profit and benefits. It is always tough to see out beloved one as heartless and brainless.
As a lover of “Word” and “Indian culture,” I feel it’s a “black day” of Indian society. I feel bad and sad when people don’t even feel shame to use such abusive words in public while holding respectful and top positions in the society and system.
The question is “Whether our culture and society support such kind of language?”. “Whether it is justified to glorify abusive language in the public forum?”.
“Are not people enough educated to know, how to use the internet in a better manner?”.

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