Man is a social animal. Since time immemorial human race has always lived in clusters, never alone. That is the reason we have, not only survived but also thrived, unlike other species. Living together requires nurturing purposeful relationships. Relationships last longer if based on principles of generosity and intimacy.

For Long-lasting human-to-human bonds it is necessary to constantly explore learn and enrich. Interestingly relationship building helps us to learn about ourselves.

This is the age of networking and information. Wide networking is imperative to achieve growth in career and life.

As the law of Karma says, “What goes around comes around”. Start your social interactions with generosity. Identify your mission in life. Trace all the contact who can help you to achieve your goals. Start building a relationship NOW. Do not wait for the perfect moment.

You may hesitate to start building a relationship due to fear. Opportunities to create meaningful relationships are readily available to you provided you act like a seeker. Sometimes you need to take the risk on the way. If you averse to risk, you will miss growth. Sustainable growth requires a lot of courage. Audacity is the greatest virtue on which humanity has blossomed.

 To foster a healthy relationship, start by giving. Treat people well. Be honest. Soon your network of healthy relationships will start spreading.

Relationship building is about people and not just organizations. To keep track of all relationships you can keep an electronic record of all the contacts, along with the conversations held. You can start building your network by including former teachers, employers, neighbors, classmates, customers, and clients. It is advisable to keep an aspirational contact list.

One more way to build a relationship is by taking initiative. Cold calling is a very popular way to initiate new relationships. Start warming your cold calls, let your attitude shine through. While meeting new people try to understand better by knowing the problems and offer solutions. Show your Respect, humour compassion for others.

You can start new relationships and renew old ones all at once. Fun dinners are a great way to mingle with your professional and personal contacts.

Pursuing hobbies are a great way to meet like-minded no extra time, you can start new relationships and strengthen old ones.

Make follow-up a habit. Try to connect with people outside your expertise. You can expand your network by attending conferences, events, functions or sharing your network with friends. Make it a win-win-win situation for everyone based on genuine reciprocity. Initiate small talk.  Start a conversation to create a bond and understanding between you and the other person. Empathy is the greatest gift you can give to fellow human beings. Don’t forget to share. Sharing information enhances power.

Encourage yourself to hold insightful conversations. Maintain your charm by being uniquely yourself. Mutual exchange of your contacts with friends can be beneficial for expanding your network. Practice social arbitrage, a constant and open exchange of favors and intelligence. You can practice it by sharing knowledge using the internet, books, articles, and so on.

Staying in constant touch is very essential to nurture your contacts. You can send relevant articles, short notes of advice, or other small tokens that convey that you’re thinking of them and eager to help. Make use of three modes of communication — e-mail, phone call, face to face. This aids in substantive recognition while you are trying to build contacts. You can make use of outside help as an “anchor tenant” to lend some cachet to your gatherings. This could be mentors, your parents’ friends, esteemed teachers, or even religious leaders.

Keep up the interest of others in you. Differentiate yourself by offering value. This comes with building expertise. Be your best brand ambassador. You can achieve this by developing a credible, distinctive, and trustworthy identity. Redefine yourself by continuously learning, growing, and stretching your skills.

Connecting with “Influencers “is an easy way to put across your brand in front of millions of audiences. Create a buzz around your work by sharing it with your circle of friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. Seek the influence of powerful people who can introduce you to their network. You can also approach local mini celebrity to introduce your brand.

Be humble. You can benefit from long-lasting friendships as it creates belonging to something larger than yourself.

Choose your mentors wisely. It helps to facilitate the exchange of information, skills, wisdom, and contacts. You can expand your horizon by connecting with your mentors. But you should not go to a party empty-handed. Look for creative ways to add value to your mentors by contributing to their company, community, or family. Express gratitude, excitement, and passion.

You have one life to live. It really matters who you choose to live with in your life. You will love your work if you like people you choose to work with This will fill your life with enthusiasm, and fulfilment.

Once you are surrounded by people you care about and who care for you, balance does not really matter.

Today community and alliances are the way to go. After all, it is all about contributing towards your family and friends, to your company, to your community, and to the world — and not just achieving your personal goals.

Make the best use of your talents and contacts. Love, reciprocity, and knowledge must be shared. Remember it's very lonely on the top. Do not forget to keep your family, and friends en route to your path of success and glory. After all, you cannot get there alone. As we know there is one thing that connects us together is Social Presence.


In this article I have shared my views on relationship building and its enormous impact on our lives, business or personal.   I believe in true power of relationships. “Never Eat alone “by Keith Ferrazzi is one of my personal favorites for relationship building. I am sure you will love to read this book too.


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