There are lots of research on how to reduce fat and food habits. There is lots debate around the world on vegan and non-vegan food habit. People advocate for being no vegan by several philosophy and logic and also they try to explain the food cycle of the world, which take the modern shape after crossing thousands of years and generation to generation.
We easily represent ourselves top of the food cycle being the must matured creature of the nature. But does that allow us to kill and destroy the other creature who are unable to express the pain with words?
How we can expect that a totally different creature will express their pain to us with the language which we use to communicate among ourselves? Where the language differs with distance. We the human says we are superior but even though we feel proud, but mostly we don’t act accordingly.
If we are superior enough we should be more responsible and mature with others as well. We the human fight with each other to spread our religion and convert others. We use all out tricks to spread out religions, in ancient time human used swords and convert, imposed an extra tax so people should force to accept their particular faith. Rather than being united as human and work for the mankind, everywhere we tried to use force and fight for our fake ego and pride. Due to our fake ego, pride and greed we act like immature and never justify the blessings of being born as a Human and so called the most matured creature of the world.
And in our food chain, as scientist and philosopher placed the human on the top; we feel ourselves as the guardian on the world; at the same time we act as the big brother to other animals. We use them, we feed them, we make them bondage for our needs; and when we wish, we kill them and eat them for our need. If we really feel and justify that we are the superior and matured creature then, do we really justify with our act towards the inferior creature of the world?
We the human abuse the hen and cock for the need of chicken. According to Peta, they are the most abused animal in the world. They were cultivated in poultry firm and inject medicines so their body should grow faster and bigger and at a certain point of time their little tiny legs unable to carry their overweight and uneven growth of their body.
Even while killing they were cut by the throat and thrown in a box and let them die in suffocation and blood loss and finally they were unconscious to die; that’s really painful and inhuman.
The pork is the social animal they are mostly gentle and express love by smelling by their nose to each other, they were cultivated and grown for the purpose of feeling human all over the world. They were killed by using hot rod and push them inside their body. They cry with pain but we the superior creature kill them for food and money.
The story is same with goat and cow as well. Nothing better for fish too; fish are intelligent and curious creature of nature. They mostly love to stay together. But we the superior creature not allow them to stay in peace, in some places our young stars kill dolphins to prove that they were grown up adult and no one object them. Dolphins, which are considered very intelligent and carrying much-matured brain, compare to other creature in water; they are easily trainable and they have their own communication system.
We kill them, we eat them because they are unable to talk to us, unable express their pain in our language. Are not we act as a demon to them? Are not we killing them for our own interest? Are we really showing the maturity which we suppose to show as being the superior creature? This question should be thrown to us, towards the entire human society.
Feeling proud is different and taking the responsibility is a totally different issue, but both match each other when both synchronize with each other. If we feel proud to be human as the most intelligent creature and most mature creature then we should also maintain it with responsibility, then only we will be able to justify ourselves to be being proud human.
Maybe we did some good work in our previous life so we got the opportunity to be human in this life, and being human we also have the responsibility to support and help the needy and those wordless creature, who are not as intelligent as the human. We should help them and support them with our best possible way. Live and let live everyone their life peacefully.

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