We Indian might think that US is burning because of the difference in between White VS Black, but if we go deep down of the present chaos, we can observe that this present chaos actually has different angels behind this “White VS Black” mask.

India faced same type anarchy, under the mask of “Secular Liberal” brigade later on they were identified as “Islamic-Left Liberals” , interestingly Islamic and Left can’t get together ideologically, where one support pro Islamization the other one don’t support any religion.
We can see that in the history of USSR, where religion were not allowed to take the center stage and currently experience in China, where Socialist (the formal name of Leftist) Chines government trying to suppress Islam in all possible way in their western province “Xinjiang”.

On the other hand we can see Islamist ideology in Saudi , Iraq , Pakistan where socialist has no space to stay. But surprisingly in India we will see the left liberal and Islamist ideology together, as example we can say “Kerala”, where under the mask of left liberal, Islamic ideology is growing. Here the benefit of this left liberal mask is, this mask will get a free make over and protection by the Indian Constitution under the banner “Secular” or else if Islamic ideology directly get into Indian society it will face huge outrage and it will not get the support of the pseudo intellectuals who are all there under the Left liberal banner.
We have seen this clearly in recent anti CAA protest in Delhi and other western part of the India.

Where local people of Tripura were opposing with some genuine reason, but their protest was suppressed and hijacked by Islamist-Left liberal gang of JNU and Jamaiya completely, where they find a scope for themselves to show their anarchy activities under a different banner. And they can make a mass gathering where people will join without even knowing the facts, i.e Farhan Akhtar who joined CAA protest without knowing the real issue and main acts and sections of the anti CAA protest.

It’s all about dirty politics behind which few of the people run for without even knowing the facts, they just want to part of chaos to be in lime light.

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