My views and thought process about highly educated and successful people is changing every moment . Now I feel even a highly educated and successful person have his own limitations. At a certain point even they fail to understand certain things and so they comment wrongly on such issues.

I am a great admirer of Shashi Tharoor, but his several comments sound like more on his political compulsion , well that’s understandable.

Subramaniyam Swami , even his all comments are not 100% right.

Now Satya Nadella’s comments on CAA , I am amazed how can a highly educated Indian NRI like SatyaNadella not get correct information about CAA. Will US allow anyone to stay & work without legal papers or visa. He want people who are comming over the barbed wire be legally called Indians? Strange. Why not straight from BD to US then ?

So one should not surprise that these Universities students are reacting like they understand everything about India or world politics . Yes even certain point we all do mistake but it’s a lasson for all of us that before commenting we all should think and understand the matter seriously , so people should not laugh on us .

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