Another rape in the city and another 4 feet rod being used, while the entire nation is burning and tons of twitter and Facebook posts are trading everywhere, everybody getting a scope to poke their nose and sharing their views. While on the other hand, BBC is still acting as they used to play the role of their colonial days. And today is the world woman’s day. A day where everyone is showing their respect and wishing every woman surrounding them with sweet words.

People of India might be burning, burning because the moral value of humanity is gone down to its lowest level, this might be ok with the western part of the world but according to my knowledge of the society and the culture, personally I feel our moral value gone down to its lowest.

From childhood, I learned the high values and moral of humanity, how to respect woman as mother, sister, and a good cute beautiful friend. And when I started reading BHAGAWAT GITA, RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT, I realized the status of woman and the respect they deserve.

Few people say, that LORD KRISHNA could have stopped the war of KURUKSHETRA and could have saved the 100 sons of GANDHARI. Even GANDHARI is considered to be one the purest woman and most respected woman in Indian culture, even she was unable to understand that though LORD KRISHNA had the power to control the situation, he never tried to save the Sons of GANDHARI. And this provoked Gandhari to curse LORD KRISHNA which resulted in the war amongst YODU BANSHI.

GANDHARI might forget that the entire war was to restore the respect of the woman in the Indian society which was molested in a RAJ SHABHA. And because of that LORD KRISHNA never really tried to stop the war to save Duryodhana and his 99 brothers.

Even when we look at the RAMAYAN, the entire episode was to restore the respect for the woman. Where Sita was kidnaped by a noble, powerful man in that era, Ravan. Though Ravan was a noble king, he could not save himself post his act of kidnapping a woman, and was assassinated by Ram while the latter tried to save and restore the respect of a woman.

These are lessons to be learnt from our ancient epic and holy books, such as BHAGAWAT GITA, RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT. But unfortunately our modern society became so biased with the failed western philosophy of socialism and secularism that whenever the word of BHAGAWAT GITA, MAHABHARAT or RAMAYAN are heard they act allergic, as if it’s a virus which will spread and make it a saffronist country in tolerance to other religions. Unfortunately those people were so biased and slaves by their thinking that they even hate their own ancestors and unable to accept the real fact that even the few of the learned, honest western scholars said “In appreciation of complexity of the Indian philosophy, T. S. Eliot wrote that the great philosophers of India “make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys””

Jeffry M. Perl and Andrew P. Tuck (1985). “The Hidden Advantage of Tradition: On the Significance of T. S. Eliot’s Indic Studies”. Philosophy East & West

But our people are unable to wake up from their colonial behavior and slavery attitude which they have become habituated in the last 1000 years of Indian history.

It shows that we need to change the education system in our country, need it from the core and need drastic change in every level. Need to bring the ancient script to teach the young kids so they should learn the value of human life, and how to respect the woman. Then only we can remove the evil mindset of people from their mind, we will able to remove the evil from the root of the mind and heart while they grow up as a human beings. We will be creating a beautiful society and regain the human and cultural value in the society. Woman will be safe and safer, society will be beautiful.

Considering all the respect, if a real Indian man and woman have minimum respect towards the woman considering all race, caste, religions and differences, they should not oppose if the government wants to push the BHAGAWAT GITA, RAMAYAN or MAHABHARAT in the education curriculum in every level of the education system of country. And rather criticizing than the reformation of the education system, if we contribute something for the society, which will be much more helpful. And that will be more appreciable.

Hope people will understand what I am trying to say by this short article, maybe I am simple man but if this small article can help the society and help people to open their eyes I, will be the happiest man and I will feel my thoughts tried an honest attempt to make this world more beautiful for the humanity.

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