Every part of Indians has their own ego. Few has fake egos and few has the capability. So just understand them and remove the negative people and stay with positive people.
Yes, it is true that compared to NE people other parts of Indian’s assuming themselves that, they are more superior and when they face someone intelligent enough to deal with them they feel the virtual threat.
NEern’s are not much complex as other part of Indian’s and that’s the good part of them and weakness as well. When I came to Bangalore I was shocked when I heard few slangs from my North Indian new friends. And they were using those words just like “Hi- hello”. Same with local South Indian’s too, but I was unable to understand their language neither able to digest as I was not habitual with such slang words. Later on, I felt that, best are Mallus at least they don’t use the slang words taking the mother and sister’s name. But over the time I realized that, it is not the Mallu, Bihari or UP or Delhiites, it is the cultural, social and family value which makes the differences. Now my ears are used to those common slang’s and I don’t react too. And I feel every part of Indians are good. They just need to accept that we all are Indians and everyone should remove their ego from themselves.
Maybe we are not having the choice to be” what we are” and “where we want to born” but we have the freedom to choose our surrounding and friends. We should utilize that “Power of Choosing” wisely so we will be happy.