We the human are the strange creation of nature, first of all, we ignore and never give the importance to those qualities which we received naturally by birth. While, we grow initially we addicted to those natural gifts and skills and at a certain point of time we were pushed towards the money making system. We were forced to run, run till we lose and destroy our natural skills. Eventually, we try to make ourselves skilled in a field which we are pushed to survive to keep our kitchen burning. Sometimes we achieve certain goals and most of time we lack behind and we curse to our luck and finally started hating the almighty for our failures. And one day all of a sudden we discover that our childhood hobbies were so good and we were so skilled while following those hobbies. It seems those days were heavenly, so beautiful just like scripted movie.

Whether it is the GOD who was wrong or partial to us? Whether we never born with special skills as a gift?
Everyone born with special gift, the only matter is we ignore them for a short cut and we fail badly and we look at those successful peoples with tearful eyes. Those eyes and the look are mostly an honest desire or agreed jealousy. When, that is honest we get inspiration and when that looks cover up with sinful jealous we slowly get involved in the sinful lifestyle

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