The present situation is very crucial where the number of education institutes is growing day by day, but the quality of the education is not matching the market demand; on the other hand the growing numbers of educated unemployed are growing all over the country.

We should research to build a Human Development System which will give a right direction to the growing educated young people and spread proper awareness so young people can choose the right path according to the market demand and they can match their education according to the market requirement.

In 2010 for the first time ever – the Labour Bureau of the Government of India has conducted a survey on employment/ unemployment. And according to the survey around 40 million young people were unemployed with a rate of 9.4%

And in the recent date, India’s jobless rate could be 3.8% this year. And this is a cause of worry for the nation at this moment.

In the recent past I have observed that the number of educational Institutes has grown up like mushrooms all over the country, and after every Board exam students run behind several education consultants and most of Institutes spend huge money on marketing to attract students to fulfill the seats. And also display a huge list of companies in their advertisement so that student should get attracted to the college. This present system neither reflects the actual need of the market nor does it give any idea to the students about the future market requirements.

As an example, if we look at the past 10 years it was marketed and presented that the aviation market is a boom and lot of jobs will be available. On the other side in last decade India have seen several Aviation company start-ups in India which gave an indication that Aviation market is going to create more jobs in the market. But in real, almost all the aviation company in India were undergoing losses including the government-run Indian Airlines. But no organization was available to aware the people that the market is not booming but an imaginary hype was created. And young aspirants were misled in their career path.

In the 90’s, civil engineering market was down and no organization was there to aware that the Infrastructure market will be a boom in 2000-2010.

At this time the education system of India was moving slow, the education curriculum includes the subject when the demand of the subject is about to fade. And due to that although the huge number of well-educated and graduates pass out from the university every year, but they struggle to get a suitable job in the market and somehow these young educated graduates need to compromise their dreams and forced to accept the job which they never liked, which led them frustrated which is a social problem in India.

At this moment as the new government took over and planning to implement several new national economic policies, the entire job market diagram is going to change in next 1 or 2 years. According to that, the education awareness should spread in the society so that students who are in school and are dreaming of starting their higher studies will get a clear idea about the future job market where they can shape their future from their school life itself. This will lead them to a better and satisfactory life in future.

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