France has declared war against ISIS after being attacked by terrorist gunmen. Why does India not show guts to attack Pakistan to avenge Mumbai attack?

Pakistan is a country and ISIS is an unauthorized organization, If India takes action against Pakistan directly there will be several countries which may directly support Pakistan while none can support ISIS directly. That’s the diplomatic issue and previous Indian government were never serious about the defense system of India and so even after 69 years of Independence India is unable to produce its own state of the art fighter jet, it’s not the inability of the engineers but the willingness of the politicians who all were ruling the country for years. They were never serious about the defense system of the country rather they were constantly defending the “third party policy” while buying arms from other countries, just because those parties can earn money from every arms deal through their brokers(third party middleman). And the most strange thing is that while all know the reality of the past, we all can see there are thousands of followers who still support those parties, who actually systematically delayed the process of progress of this country.

No philosophy could be greater than the national interest, which people should understand.

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