Religions were created to unite people in ancient times, to make them sustain according to their locality.

Sacrifices were always looked as pure and holy in almost all religions. Even in today’s world we always see our mothers as the ultimate sacrificer of her dreams and desires in our families. All have a special feeling, love, care and respect towards our “Mother”. When any mother sees her child succeed in their lives, it’s she, who enjoys the most because she can see that her sacrifices finally are showing the result.

A sacrifice looks beautiful and sweet when it gives back happiness and bring love in the human society. Sacrifice is not something to kill someone without knowing their wish or will just to achieve our own desires, such sacrifices never bring happiness.

People, who feel sacrificing speechless animals to God or almighty for achieving their own desires is not humanity because God never wished or wanted his/her one son to kill his/her other son to achieve their goal in the name of Almighty. If we humans do sacrifice animals for our own desires and fulfillment, that’s not a form of purity but a form of cruelty and insulting the Almighty whom we are trying to define in our own ways. If we humans feel we are the supreme creatures then we have more responsibilities than any other creature in this world.

Respecting humanity, humans should stop sacrificing speechless animals in the name of Almighty.

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