Definition of love changed dramatically over the time, there was a time when guys used to follow girls for a simple glance of their smile. Today if anyone does the same they might booked by girls as a stalker or a pervert.

There was a time when making fun and leg pulling jokes used to be considered as fun and people used to enjoy them but if any male does that with any girl he might be called insensitive human in today’s environment.

There was a time when people used to crack jokes just to make a funny environment in any discussion but if someone does that in today’s environment and if they do that in front of any feminist he might be troll in twitter or even book for being insensitive.

I feel the beauty of love disappeared somewhere under the law and over reactions and so the number of unsuccessful marriages increased drastically in modern society as well. Human transformed into more like a robot and real love get placed only in classical novels.
It is unfortunate but real that while world came closer by the internet but they became more robotic and lost the sense of humor.

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