Today is the New Year according to Hindu calendar (I am still searching in the internet, according to which calendar) but its Ugadi according to south Indian calendar. So happy Ugadi to all the readers. Today when one of the intellectual Sir Suvendu Narayan Roy asked me to inspire all to “write”, I came to know that I got a tough job to accomplish. But there is nothing wrong in sharing some real story, which eventually can help you all to understand why writing is always an interesting work to do.

If I consider myself, I wrote my first line on my rough note when I was at class 8, might be I was romantic in those days and while I was on my study table I heard a song from far distance. “Yeah Kaha aageye hum — yue chalte chalte”. That particulate line touched my heart and I wrote that on my rough note and went to toilet thereafter, when I came back I saw that there is another line below that line. “Pora sunai mon dao –onyo kichu khujte hobe na”. I know whose handwriting it was but I never asked him or replied him regarding that till last year. Well he is my father who used to keep his silent eye on my every movement and smartly made me addicted with books and I am still unable to get rid of that addiction till now.

Well I was not much fond of books prescribed by my school or college and that’s the reason I have never a bright student. But I was always surrounded by the books of my interest, from novels to history, science. The first novel which attracted me and got my attention was Ramer Sumati written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay as I was able to relate my childhood village days, with Ram, later on I read DeoGhorer Smriti and Lalu. After reading several such interesting stories I was curious to explore Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay as a writer. And I decided to buy the whole lot of works of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay soon.

In those days, I was quite rich with my pocket money; I used to get 10 INR daily as my travelling cost to my school and my eagerness to buy those books made me walk 4 KM daily while returning to my home. Eventually that year I bought the Sarat Chandra Samagra from book fair. I read 5 to 6 novels and slowly discovered the eagerness to write better in myself. I wrote my first poem/song on 14th Feb dedicated to an unknown lady.

মনে পরে কোনো এক বৃষ্টি ভেজা সন্ধায়
ভালবাসার একটি গান শুনিয়ে ছিলে আমায় |
হারিয়ে ছিলাম আমি সেই গানেতে
সুদুর সাগর তীরে , নিল আকাশে কত পাখি উড়ে |
দিনের পর যেভাবে ,দিন অবসানে রজনী আসে |
যেন মিলনের পরে বিরহ আসে||
আজ সেই দিন বহু দুরে ’
মনে পরে আমার সুরে
যখন গেয়েছি তোমারি গান||
আজো বৃষ্টির ভেজা সন্ধা |
মন ভরে আছে কত অজানা বেথায়||

I wrote my first novel which was incomplete when I was at class 11. My eagerness to write made my Bengali language skill better, which is my 2nd language. My understanding in Bengali had been improved. I was beaten up in college due to my writing in Bengali. Strange is that I was beaten up(I remember this because that was the first and last time I did not try to defend rather trying to escape because I was trying to save my newly purchased expensive spectacles ) not for my own mother language but for Bengali.

Later on I realized that audience is much less in Bengali rather than in English in terms of numbers. But the problem was that being a Shakespeare in grammar and spelling, I never got the confident on these particular two fields. Internet has provided me with the spaces for writing. People used to laugh and criticize on my small comments and writing on internet but they have never been able to stop me. I started debating on orkut as forum for English writing as well as learning and eventually I learned how to articulate worlds while writing, but still people say my grammar is poor. And every time I feel the strong impulse to improve it. I know it’s not my first language or 2nd language but I have to improve on this language as my addiction to writing and my desire to play with words compelled me to write, and write more.

With the same eagerness of writing I wrote my first novel last year when I was going through the worst phase of my life. When my plans were taking time longer than expected, my anger and frustration transformed into a novel consists of 88000 worlds which is entirely in English. At the same time I started a blogging site with few of my friends and today we have 61 articles. Most of them are building their profile as article writers and are widely marketed in all big social medias and are also planning to do better marketing of the articles so all the article contributors can build their profile in public domain.

I know writing is a hard job. A clear meaningful sentence is not an accident. If we find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard. But if you write when you feel frustrated or angry and use the power of anger on writing end of the day you will discover that your anger will bring something constructive from you rather bringing destructive things.

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