One has to accomplish paths of enlightenment which consist of various method of self-discovery ie; through Random walk. This is nonaggressive, purposeful search for meaning of oneself.

Secondly, Open ended exploration. This means more openness to the possibility that you’re meant to do one particular thing.

Third, Closed-Ended Exploration. Means beginning a specific job with specific aims.

Fourth, Killer excellence after expedience. Most people begin their careers based on its advantages, though one should display strong competence in order to boost Him or Her to apposition of steadily ascending responsibility.

Fifthly, Trailblazing. Leaders always make sure that their work fit them and their individual taste.

For one to be a leader, He/she should practice self-discovery and identity formation. This can be done in various ways such as having a strong self-awareness where one has understanding of own likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses, plying towards strengths and away from weaknesses where one clearly knows what somebody is and isn’t good at also not afraid to develop lopsided capabilities to gain a competitive advantage, authenticity and integrity where one should be his/herself because if not it will be immediately obvious to everyone around you. Finally, pragmatic decision-making processes. this is making decisions based on gut or instinct. This means that you trust yourself and you do not get overly bogged down in analyzing the prons and cons of every possible contingency. This instinct is rested on strong self-knowledge.

The leader to be should also learn to pay the rent first, conquer the world later. This means that He/she should always pay the bills before starting a savings account. One should also be able to cope with insecurities and using them for motivation. The insecurities should spur the somebody into action. After paying the bills, and withstanding the pressures of day-day responsibilities, one should not abandon his dreams and hopes.

After all, that the nobody now becomes the big fish by mastering the small pond. This is made possible because the confidence to achieve great things springs from successful achievement of smaller tasks. The individuals should love their work first and foremost. This goes down to patience. You should be patient with your first job for some stay for a short while and others for a couple of decades before it’s your time to shine.

Furthermore, one should learn how to stay and how to go. This is made easier by; raising professional visibility. This can be achieved by showing a knack for getting noticed early in your career and using extra visibility to learn or to create new opportunities for oneself, stretching capabilities even if sometimes it means sacrificing some glamour. Most leaders often choose roles that offer high growth even at the expense of the other factors. Conscious management of career moves.

 Through the career journey one should not let old plans get in the way of new opportunities. This means that if an opportunity presents itself which has the ideal factors of propelling you to higher heights one should reconsider old plans so as to adjust them. One should know when to take risks. most of the best moments come from reacting to the unexpected.

Work hard, work smart. Successful people have a huge appetite for work and hands-on experience. Some were pushed into situations that demanded action and difficult effort, but they responded to the opportunities and worked hard at pursuing them. Some of their different aspects of their orientation to action are; once decisions are made, decisive action is initiated, sheer relentless and dogged work ethic, seizing initiative, excellence in the task at hand.

Be productively competitive. Competitiveness can appear as a desire for independence from the whims of others. One should always have a strong drive to be the best in their field. Sometimes that drive is triggered by a minor event such as when former Raytheon CEO Daniel Burnham discovered that a colleague at his level was making $100 more each month than he was making. That gave him a drive to do better.

Keep learning. No matter who the teacher is, one should always have the drive to know more. The individual should be very good in finding, cultivating and learning from mentors who help them to avoid pitfalls of early career growth.

One should also be able to recognize the benefits of balance. this is to balance work stuff and the personal life. Relying on spouses also helps for they act as bedrocks of stability and generally show emotional and career support. preserving family rituals and activities. This is another way to create work-life balance.

Willpower and passion. One should position positions himself in front of opportunity by focusing on the difficult problems and issues in one’s field or organization. This is achievable when one has passion for subject matter whereby he/she has a strong attraction to the simple experience of what they are doing.

Through the above an individual is capable to transform from a nobody a somebody.

All these I have learned from the Book “No bodies to Somebodies” by Peter Han. If you like to read and learn more about how to improve and become some one in the life and society, I will suggest to read the book , its available in Amazon , here I am sharing the link to buy it .

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