I used to hate him due to his naughtiness , I used to hate him for his attention seeking behaviour. I used to hate him for his jealousy towards his siblings. I still remember when his one of the brother was running towards me to touch my palms,he came all of sudden and disturbed his brother to touch my palm & blocked him out of jealousy.

Later on I realized he is actually a fun loving kid, not as bad as I thought. Later on I realized how much he #love his siblings, how much he cares his brothers, how he kept united his entire family,how he defended his step father and his #mother from outsiders, how he used to kiss him mom & father.

He was actually born naughty, some one who always want to enjoy his life. He taught me how to enjoy every moment of the life. He taught how to redefine the love.

Finally he have shown how to be loyal and obedient towards our loved one and leave this World of illusion towards the World of Eternity, the World where all are souls and there is no difference in between human and any other creatures of God.

Hope God will give him a good place in his lap and I’ll search him in between twinkle #stars . I am sure he is one of the brightest one in the sky.

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